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The Beard will never die

The beard comes in many forms: 5 o’clock shadow, the rugged stubble, the light yet luscious, all the way up to a full blown face forest. But there are some that have called it a “trend” or a “facial fad” so here are 10 reasons that the Beard will never fall out of fashion.

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The Female Barber

She’s not hairy and doesn’t smell like BO. Nor does she live and breathe NRL. No, she is about to cut your hair…meet your female barber.

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To Beard or not to Beard

Your beard should be be more than a growth designed to hide your peer group pressured mustache growing attempts of Movember!

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4 Reasons why we Shampoo

Are they just trying to make extra money or is there a reason why a hairdresser wants to shampoo your hair? Mister Chop Shop lathers the story!

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The Barber, Beer and Whisky Bars
The Barber, Beer and Whisky Bars

The current movement seems to be to partake in a beer or whisky with your cut, enjoying the establishment for more than just your tidy up by a slicked up groomsman.

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What Mister Are You?

Are you Mr Clean Cut, Mr Boy Band, Mr Lumbersexual, Mr Pompadour, Mr Cue Ball, Mr Fight Club, or Mister Strong Man? Mister Chop Shop Boutique Barber Bondi Junction.

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