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4 Reasons why we Shampoo

  • March 9, 2016
  • MRCS
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Ever wondered why hair salons insist on washing your hair? Think its just a ploy to get more $$$ outta you?

So you’ve walked into the barber shop, perused the price board and decided to try and save yourself a bit of coin and scrap the shampoo with your cut…Sorry, not happening at Mister Chop Shop!

We explain using 4 simple truths why our service is complete with a shampoo and this is non negotiable.

The average gent nowadays is up by 7am. To keep his pecks puffed he most likely spends an hour at the gym before racing through a shower to get to work. Depending on whether he is trying to impress the boss or his female co-workers, a plethora of products will be applied for hair styling such as gel, wax, paste, pomade, clay or all of the above. And if he decides to get a cut at the end of his day, what does that give the barber to work with?? Not a clean, blank canvas, that’s for sure.

Probably one of the best ways to expand our point here is this…Do you brush your teeth before visiting the dentist?? Exactly! You’ll even dig out the dental floss that you haven’t used since your last visit and give that a run. So why should your barber have to work with dirty, smelly, sticky hair??Reasons-for-shampoos-in-the-barbershop

…And that’s just the cleanliness side of things…now to the technical side and our second reason…

Hair that has been styled into shape and dried, either naturally or with product use, forms what we call Hydrogen Bonds. These bonds keep the hair in that shape and can only be broken by complete saturation of the hair.

A perfect example of this is ‘Hat Hair’

– when a hat is placed over wet hair and dries to leave a band mark that, until wet, will not disappear. Well these bonds can also affect the result of a cut when done on dry hair. In some cases, you can end up with a totally different cut once hair is wet down.
Does this explain some of the disaster cuts you’ve had over the years?? Looked great till you got home and jumped in the shower and…?? There you go, you look like your mum cut it!

We all want Healthy Hair right? This is our 3rd reason why we add this service. Shampooing your hair stimulates blood flow throughout the scalp. Increasing blood flow helps keep the hair papilla (bulb/root of hair follicle) functioning correctly, reducing thinning and slowing down the balding process! BOOM, now you have the flowing pelt of Ron Burgundy.

Ron Burgundy For Mister Chop Shop Bondi Junction and kind of a big deal

Then there is the forth reason why we do it…because it’s a bloody good experience and a luxury to have someone shampoo your hair. Just like adding a beer or a scotch to your visit instead of the obligatory tea or coffee. Lap it up and enjoy it!

At Mister Chop Shop this is our standard memorandum of operation, working on a service based around quality not quantity.

So to close this topic off, I guess we’re really doing you the favour by insisting on the shampoo, right?? Don’t skimp on yourself – you’re worth it.

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