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The Female Barber

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She’s not hairy and doesn’t smell like BO. Nor does she live and breathe NRL – and she is definitely not there to answer the phone. No, she is about to cut your hair…

Yes guys, ‘The Female Barber’ is setting up shop in a mancave near you…

laura-shows-female-barbers-rock-mister-chop-shopLot’s of men assume that a barber shop is a women free zone and once upon a time they would have been totally right. The barber shop was once a haven for men to escape the world (and their female counterparts) shoot the shit, down some whisky and speak freely about ‘what ails you’. However, the times have changed, and barber industry is now attracting the female genus into it’s hairy, boozy embrace.

Yet still, blokes will come into the shop and be surprised to see a she-barber, or barberella (I’m sure there’s a better name) working her dainty magic.

So do you embrace the idea and hop into her chair? Or flatly request to wait for the next available guy in an attempt to get a piece of the old school barber feel?

Let’s look into this shall we?


Over my 25 years in this industry, I have worked alongside some pretty gun female cutters. Lasses that can smooth up a fade better than most guys I know.

Why is this so?

Is it because a girl knows what’s best for us lads?

Do they have a finer eye for detail and thus the right elements to smooth a guy up “good and proper”?


What would you rather?

A chick who’s probably been handling a razor since her year 7 peer group, sneaking a blade into the shower to remove every skerrick of leg fluff she can get her hands on. Fast forward 15 years and she’s practically a f&%king samurai.

Probably looks like this now:



A bloke who at 25 is still struggling to grow a decent stubble worthy of shaving – he’s mostly just shaved cheese onto his pasta dinners.

Probably looks like this:


Put simply, a female’s hand is practiced, smooth and subtle. There is an understanding of the finer side of service: in particular how to talk to a man. They are conversation guru’s, making even the most reserved patrons feel at home and able to speak freely about their life and times.

Blokes tend to be firmer and more direct with a razor-sharp (pardon the pun) focus on  the task at hand. We think and operate differently and in turn, offer different skill-sets.

Currently, most female barbers start their profession as a hairdresser. This background sets them up to bring unique technical skills to the table such as the ability to pamper without emasculation. Coupled with a softer touch and the precision of blokey barbering, you have a pretty deadly formula for success.

FELLAS, I’D BE WORRIED! You may fall in love!


The female barber has learned the tricks of the trade and with her steady hand, chameleon like conversation skills and trained eye, you will feel right at home.

Ok. So we’ve embraced the female barber. I now put forth the question: why the defection from regular hairdressing, ladies?

Is it because we men are simple creatures? Are you sick of the endless parade of cut, colour, blowdry and tint, every bloody visit?  Perhaps we’ll never know. However, one thing is for certain…

The female barber has learned the tricks of the trade and with her steady hand, chameleon like conversation skills and trained eye, you will feel right at home.


And isn’t that the essence of what a barber shop is? A place where a bloke can come to scrub up, have a drink and take a load off.

The Female Barber is here to stay, she will only enhance the unique experience that you get when you settle into the chair, sip your drink and forget about your troubles. She’ll charm you every which way and you’ll walk away feeling (and looking ) like a million bucks.

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