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Is the Hairdresser the NEW Barber.

  • November 26, 2015
  • MRCS
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What is it that makes a good barber these days?

Is the Hairdresser the NEW Barber?

Once upon a time he was the town surgeon, the local problem solver and a real ‘go-to’ guy. As for your visit, it was quick, your hair was the same as everyone else’s and shampooing was not the usual trend…Oh, and the price was reflective of your time sitting in his chair, about a buck a minute!Old-barber-beaten-by-hairdresser

But as everything progresses, the old ways are just that…old ways.

Nowadays, visually they’ll probably be covered in tattoos and look like a cross between a lumberjack and a 1940’s sailor, as opposed to the white-coated classic cutter image of their forefathers. The attire is on-trend and the whole image is cool and cutting edge.

Your barber may not necessarily be a man. The lasses are cutting as close and shaving as clean as the lads, which to most male customers can be a hell of a lot sexier. A chick tatted up with an old-school rockabilly vibe fits the new-age image of unisex barbers and frankly, as long as the cuts are impeccable with an attention to detail, no-one really cares who’s wielding the scissors…at the end of the day it’s about walking out looking good!

Typically, today’s barber has probably started their professional life as a hairdresser, moving to barbering to dodge the tedious cul-de-sac of women’s hairstyling and the constant high maintenance colour and style changes that are reflective of the current Hollywood female icons. So…indirectly then, I guess we can thank J-Lo or Jennifer Anniston for the increased Barber movement. Hahaha.

We men are just much simpler beasts, we just want to look like Beckham!

The newage skillset can deliver a wide range of current trends and styles instead of the obligatory short back and sides and I bet it’ll take more than 15 minutes, start to finish.

If you’re not in the shop for at least 45 you’re not getting the attention you deserve!

The modern barber will insist on shampooing before every service to remove your month build-up of wax and gel and anything else you’ve found in the bathroom. This may be a new idea to you but by the time you get to the head massage, you will have forgotten all about your confusion and protest. This is the influence of the hairdresser’s customer service coming into play. Hairdresser-shampoos-in-the-barbershop

Product knowledge is the new strong point too. A modern barber should be able to explain every product they’ve used and why, and chances are you’ll be bewildered by the simplicity of things you always thought too hard – like shampooing or styling your hair with the appropriate product for best finish.

And all of this is blended with classic barbering techniques. Exactly what you’ll get at Mister Chop Shop. We call it ‘the hybrid experience’…and it’s our everyday work value.

The modern man is a higher maintenance beast that requires a specific level of male grooming and a ten buck job just won’t cut it…see what I did there?

So whether it’s a classic pompadour, a cutthroat cue ball head shave or a mean fade, it isn’t the same as it used to be!

Move with the times.


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